What is the Challenge? It's a lifestyle ramp-up where you get 6 Weeks of Personal Training, Weight Loss Coaching, Team Training, and support from a certified Nutritionist for a reduced price of $399, and some serious extra incentive! If you lose 20 lbs you get your money back!

When Does it Start? January 28th

Can I Call Someone for More Info? Yes, Ginger 501-690-5445

Is there 1-on-1 Training? Yes

Can existing Members Join? Yes

Do I have to have a membership? No

How much? $399. If you lose 20 Pounds, You Get Full Refund

What is the average weight Loss? 17 Pounds

What if I work 8 to 5? No problem you can train mornings or nights.

Can I just get a regular membership instead? Yes - See Prices

Can I get more info online?: Yes - Get More Details

Does it work? Yes

"The 10 Fitness 6 Week Challenge changed my life. Before I took on the challenge I was seriously overweight. It was the kick in the pants that I needed to get me started on the road to better health. The trainers, nutritionist and entire team at 10 Fitness are awesome and will help you reach your goals. I lost 33lbs in 6 weeks. If you are like I was, sick and tired of being sick and tired! Join the challenge." - Loren Hatfield

"Joining this challenge was seriously one of the best decisions I ever made. It changed the way I look at nutrition and exercise. I lost 21 lbs in 6 weeks, and I’ve continued to lose after because this program works! You’ll have access to the best trainers and nutritionist around. It will change your life like if changed mine! - Leslie Landers Letsch

"This challenge truly changed my life! I highly recommend it for anyone that wants to learn how to eat the right foods and exercise the proper way for your specific body type." - Nikki Tunaitis Cruse

"I went into the 6 week challenge to get healthy for not only myself, but my two boys. It was definitely a challenge at first, but the staff at 10 Fitness made it fun and were very encouraging. I highly recommend this challenge for anybody that is looking for a true change in not only they're health, but also they're self esteem." - Jason Frye

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